AYK 566B Super Trail American Pick Up

The 566B was the first 1/10 scale buggy from Japanese Aoyagi Metals Co (AYK), who had experienced great success with their 1/12 scale on-road cars in the previous years. The 566B was their answer to Tamiya’s SRB series, the Rough Rider and the Sand Scorcher, and relied heavily on the use of cast metal parts, just like the Tamiya buggies. It has a layout very similar to the 1/8 scale engine powered buggies of the time, and has a semi trailing arm rear suspension, very similar to the Kyosho Scorpion. The 566B precedes the Scorpion by a couple of months, but as the Scorpion inherited its semi trailing arm system from the even earlier Rally Sports series, it will be wrong to say the Scorpions rear suspension is a copy of the 566B suspension. It was AYK that copied the suspension from the Kyosho Rally Sports series in the first place. The front suspension, apart from the lay down shocks, is very similar to the Tamiya SRB suspension, and even more the front suspensions seen on several 1/8 buggies of the time. The similarities to the 1/8 scale buggies are not coincidental either, as Takashi Aizawa who won the Japanese Championships for 1/8 buggies the same year, assisted AYK’s chief designer, Jun Sato, in the suspension and layout design of the 566B. Takashi Aizawa is most known for his work for Mugen and his second place in the 1990 IFMAR World Championships for 1/8 buggies. There are two versions of the kit boxes for the AYK 566B, with later boxes being smaller than the early boxes. Apart from size, the boxes are virtually identical. The American Pick Up came with a polycarbonate Ford Ranger body, as well as a longer front body post (compared to the Baja Bison) and two rubber grommets on the roll bar, to hold the rear of the body. The Pick Up is by far the rarest of the two 566B versions.

Model number:
Model name: AYK 566B Super Trail American Pick Up
Released: 1981
Type: Model kit
Chassis design: Jun Sato/Takashi Aizawa
Body design: Jun Sato (?)
Design house: AYK in-house design
Instr. manual: English (international)English (US)Norwegian
Market: World
Made in: Japan
Related models: 566B Super Trail Baja Bison566B Super Trail American Pick Up
The later smaller boxes to the left, and the older big boxes to the right.

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