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This website is copyrighted, but fair use of the content is permitted, on certain terms. The meaning of “fair use” here denotes to reposting of content as, but not limited to, pictures and quotes etc. on other webpages, including social media platforms, from the website’s content including, but not limited to, articles, pages etc, as long as the source ( is CLEARLY mentioned in the reposted material, and ideally including a direct link to the article or page etc. where the information is found. Reposting of larger portions of the content than previously stated, requires permission from the copyright holder, which can be contacted through our Facebook group, or by leaving a message at the bottom of this page. Please ask, it’s not as problematic as it might sound. Removing of stamps, markings or watermarks etc. in pictures are not allowed. Linking directly to articles is of course both permitted and encouraged.

The use of copyrighted material on this website

This website is a non-commercial website, with zero revenue generated. You don’t even find commercial ads on this site. A lot of the pictures, scans etc used on this website are material copyrighted by third parties, and are used under the fair use rule. 30-50 years old magazines are no longer commercially available, and do no longer create revenue for the original copyright holder. Pictures etc. found on the internet are, in the cases where the ORIGINAL source is known, credited to the original source. If you find YOUR copyrighted picture, or other content, on this website not credited to you, please contact us through our Facebook page or by leaving a message at the bottom of this page, and we’ll find a solution, either by crediting you where the picture etc. is used, or by removing the picture etc. altogether, if that is your wish.

The Document depository

This website has a document depository containing various vintage documents, like instruction manuals, catalogs etc. This material is in most cases copyrighted by the different manufacturers, but provided here because they are no longer available from the original sources, and could be vital for restorations of the vintage models and parts that these documents originally came with. As every kit, hop-up or spare part came with these instructions, I regard it is within fair use to provide scans of these documents to those who might have lost them. Scans of old catalogs are also found in the depository, and provides a timeline for when different products were released, and are considered historical documents that should be preserved for the future.

Posting of scanned magazines on this website

Posting of complete scanned 30-50 years old magazines is in a copyright grey-zone, as copyright might still apply, but with small or no chance for the audience to obtain the content through commercial or other readily available official sources. For this reason some old magazines are scanned and presented here for the cause of preservation of a part of history that is not widely known to the world, and is in real danger of being lost forever.

In August 2019, received permission from Lou Peralta, the original publisher of American RC magazines R/C Racing News and R/C News, to scan and host their publications on this website as a part of our “Vintage RC Magazine Preservation Project”. These magazines are stamped and watermarked, and should not be altered or uploaded to other sites or services.

Instead of reposting single magazines on other websites or platforms, please link directly to the respective magazine index page. You can find the main magazine index here, or you can go directly to the magazine section of the document depository.

Not many magazines are provided at the moment, but this will change in the future.

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