2136 – Scorpion (1982)

9085 – Sidewinder (1982) – By Cox Hobbies (US)

2138 – Beetle (1983)

3065 – Tomahawk (1984)

3091 – Turbo Scorpion (1985)

3067 – Progress (1983)

3068 – Gallop (1983)

3069 – Gallop MK II (1983)

3032 – Optima (1985)

3031 – Javelin (1986)

3130 – Turbo Optima (1986)

3034 – Salute (1986)

3029 – Optima Pro (1987)

3115 – Ultima (1986)

Turbo Ultima

Ultima Pro

Ultima Pro XL

Ultima II

Turbo Ultima II

Post Ultima 2WD series




Front wheel drive (does not really belong here)

Maxxum FF

Standard wheel base

Optima Mid

Maxxum FF

Optima Mid

Turbo Optima Mid

Turbo Optima Mid SE

Long wheel base

Turbo Optima Mid Special (Limited Edition)

Optima Mid Custom

Optima Mid Custom Special



  1. Hi Tom
    I am looking forward to read on the ultima series. 😉 your descriptions and opinions are always great to read.

    • Hi. I have sort of met a mental “wall” when it comes to writing articles. Although not by choice, I partly blame the vultures on intagram who kept ripping my articles and presented them as their own, with no mention of the origin of the stories and pictures. I have tried, but right now I don’t have the motivation needed to dig as deep into stuff as needed for writing articles. For now it seems like those leeches have ruined it. I don’t find any joy in writing and creating anymore. My focus now is on scanning the magazines from the crowd funding campaign, and hopefully reading through those magazines will “ignite” something.

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