1. Hi there I’ve got a rare Kyosho Peugeot 205 16 1/12 nib very rare kit not one anywhere on the net!!! Also a tamiya TB01 evolution 2 limited edition chassis kit new in box again very rare let me know cheers Steve.

    • Hi Steve. Sorry, I’m not looking to buy. You might have more luck trying in one of the many vintage RC Facebook groups.

  2. Hi, awesome site, best info I have found on an unfinished GV Beagle I am trying to do something with!
    So its unfinished, never run, and the kit seems to have been supplied with the wrong length drive shafts. I was running RC’s back at that time, running Kyosho Ultimas, Optima Mids etc and have been running on road off an don since the early 2000s.
    My question is one of what to suggest the owner does with this kit! I will try to make it run but would be petrified of breaking/crashing it! Which means it’d be sure to happen!
    I suppose I would like the option of telling him wha would be worth to sell, or if he could get parts should he want to run it! I see many optima parts would fit, but realistically, should i suggest he sells and get something newer and have a go on a track. The owner, a retired firefighter, is not a racer, its his only rc and it defeated him in the 80’s because he never made it go. Shame!
    Thanks in advance for any advice, Stuart

    • Hi Stuart. If he wants a buggy to run. I would suggest he sells the Beagle, and buys the rereleased Kyosho Optima. Plastics gets brittle as it ages, and the Beagle did not have the same quality of materials as some of the top brands. The rereleased Optima is a much better choice for a runner, as it’s more durable and spare parts are commonly available both in hobby stores, webshops and on eBay. The Beagle will look cool on the shelf, though 😉

  3. Hey Tom. Just a quick pick of your brains! I spent a little time with the Beagle and think I know what stopped the build. To me it seems that all 6(?) supplied driveshafts are too long! I checked the manual and everywhere I could online to try to figure if I’m right but no joy. The shafts are 68.3mm overall, around 62mm centre of pin to centre of pin. It seems like the shafts are binding the drive, baulking suspension movement and that’s why the owner gave up the build. Would you know of duplicate usable parts, maybe 5mm shorter, or what length they should be?
    Thanks again!

  4. Hi,

    From your 1989 IFMAR World report, the picture of Roger Curtis working on the prototype stealth car are from 1991 Detroy, for 1989, only 4 cars was ever hand made by curtis.

  5. Hello – I have exhumed a closet-midden of my still bagged Marui parts. Ninja, Big Bear, Galaxy/Hunter, Coors T-bird etc. The packaging is far from new, but the contents are still there. Also most of an ill-fated Royal Crusher (some shocks missing, rear arm mount broken/hacked, converted from a Royal Ripper) but w/new 4wd gears installed before storage decades ago. If anyone is looking for a few specific bits, I can have a look.

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