Dirt-Burners is a personal blog/website about vintage radio controlled cars. I started with RC in the early 80’s, and the activity has been on-off for periods. At first it was most about driving, but soon modifying became the main interest. Today it’s all about building, both original models and customized cars. My focus is on Kyosho, Tamiya and AYK, but I really like all vintage 1/10 scale off-road buggies. Regarding Kyosho I collect cars up until the Optima Mid family, Tamiyas up to the Avante/Egress series, and with AYK it’s the old 2WD cars, like the 566B, Sidewinder, Buffalo, Bobcat and Boxer.

If you want to contribute to this website with articles etc. please contact me, and I’ll see if I can add you as an author!

www.dirt-burners.com has no connection to the Dirt Burners! hop-up brand from back in the 80’s.

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