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As well as some random parts, the following models have been indexed so far: AYK 566B, Sidewinder, Gator, Buffalo, Bobcat, Boxer, Viper, Radiant, Pro Radiant, KYOSHO Scorpion, Beetle, Sidewinder (Cox), Tomahawk, Turbo Scorpion, Progress, Gallop, Gallop Mk.II, Optima, Javelin, Turbo Optima, Salute, Optima Pro, Ultima, Turbo Ultima, Ultima Pro, Ultima Pro XL, Ultima II, Turbo Ultima II, Optima Mid, Turbo Optima Mid, Turbo Optima Mid SE, Turbo Optima Mid Special, Optima Mid Custom, Optima Mid Custom Special, Maxxum FF, Triumph, MARUI CJ-7, Land Cruiser, Big Bear, Hunter, Galaxy, Galaxy RS, Samurai, Ninja, Shogun, Coors Melling Thunderbird. I’m also experimenting with adding some third party hop-ups to the searchable index.

A big thanks to Filip Williamsson for providing the Marui part lists and pictures.

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Category Kyosho
Part number 1897
Part name LeMans 480 Gold
Original price (Japan only) ¥0
Brand Kyosho

25×4 / 0.40 / 23.600 RPM motor with ball bearings and adjustable timing.

Supplied with these models
Fits these models
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LeMans 480 Gold

LeMans 480 Gold

LeMans 480 Gold

LeMans 480 Gold

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