Kyosho Salute

Kyosho Salute (yellow box)

The Salute was a Turbo Optima, without motor, and with a “space age” body shell. You really don’t want me to start saying what I really think about this body. It’s the only body for the Optima series not designed by Akira Kogawa, and I still don’t understand why Kyosho would let any one else tamper with the Kogawa perfection. I tried asking Kogawa who really designed this, but he couldn’t remember….. he probably has suppressed it, or maybe being diplomatic, probably a wise choice. I have later been told this yellow version was the first version of the box, showing a prototype version of the body, even if it came with the body shown on the later blue boxes. I’m a total Optima nut, and I have several versions of all the buggies in the Optima series. I don’t have this. Never will. Probably. Maybe…. Well, who knows.

Model number: 3034
Model name: Kyosho Salute
Released: November 1986
Type: Model kit
Chassis design: Akira Kogawa
Body design: ?
Box-art painter: Toshifumi Watanabe
Design house: Auto Model
Instr. manual: English (v1)English (v2)
Market: World
Made in: Japan
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Kyosho Salute (blue box)

The Salute pictured on this blue version of the box has a slightly different body than the Salute on the yellow box shown above. But that honestly didn’t help it much. From what I have understood, it was just the boxes that changed, not the contents.

Box variation  
Model number: 3034 (the same as the yellow box Salute)
Model name: Kyosho Salute
Released: Yellow box November 1986, nut sure about the blue box
Type: Model kit
Box-art painter: Toshifumi Watanabe
Instr. manual: English (v1)English (v2) (the same as the yellow version)
Market: World
Made in: Japan


  1. Nice car.
    Its body is so epic as never seen.
    I have this model and now i have renew electric parts and substituted old motor with a new orion brushed.
    Amazing model!

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