Kyosho Optima

What’s left to be said about the Kyosho Optima? Not the first 4WD electric buggy, and not even Kyoshos first 4WD electric buggy, but the 4WD electric buggy that totally changed the game, with features still used on 4WD buggies today. One of the most iconic RC buggies in the history, and yes I think it’s even more iconic than the Associated RC10, and on par with the Tamiya Sand Scorcher. Akira Kogawa, my friend, you totally nailed this.

Model number: 3032
Model name: Kyosho Optima
Released: September 1985
Type: Model kit
Chassis design: Akira Kogawa
Body design: Akira Kogawa
Box-art painter: Toshifumi Watanabe
Design house: Auto Model
Instr. manual: EnglishJapanese
Market: World
Made in: Japan
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Kyosho Gold Optima – Limited Edition

Limited commemoration model to celebrate 100.000 Optimas sold. It’s very much a standard optima with a custom “gold” anodized chassis, “silver” plated Turbo Optima wheels and Turbo Optima tires. And yes, the box is “gold” too, but features the same box art as the standard Optima. No special manual or decal sheet were made for this.

Model number: 3032 (the same as the original Optima)
Model name: Kyosho Gold Optima – Limited Edition
Released: ?
Type: Model kit
Instr. manual: EnglishJapanese (the same as the original Optima)
Market: World
Made in: Japan

Kyosho Optima 2016

The Optima 2016 is a very faithful reproduction of the original Optima, but updated with modern materials and a few improvements. It came with both chain and belt drive, and the gear box was improved with a slipper, to accommodate brushless Lipo power systems. Just like with the re-released buggies in the Scorpion series, all parts were redesigned from scratch based on Akira Kogawas original drawings. Unlike most of the tooling and molds, Kyosho actually still had the original wooden mold for the Optima body, but due to it’s age and condition they used it as a base for making a new epoxy mold.

Model number: 30617
Model name: Kyosho Optima 2016
Released: March 2016
Type: Model kit
Chassis design: Akira Kogawa
Body design: Akira Kogawa
Design house: Akira Design
Instr. manual: English/Japanese
Market: World
Made in: Taiwan (by Kingstar)

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