Cox Sidewinder

The Cox Sidewinder is a Cox only model, only for the US market. Tamiya had their Ford Ranger truck, based on the SRB chassis, while AYK had the American Pick-up on the 566B chassis, so it’s no surprise that Cox also had to produce a truck on their Scorpion chassis. Apart from the body (obviously) the Sidewinder-only parts were the silver plated rear Beetle wheels, that were used both at the rear and at the front (without any bearings), and the front body post. The rest of the parts could also be found on the Scorpion and/or the Beetle.

Model number: 9085
Model name: Cox Sidewinder
Released: 1982
Type: Model kit
Chassis design: Akira Kogawa
Body design: Cox
Design house: Auto Model/Cox
Instr. manual: English (Scorpion/Sidewinder)
Market: USA
Made in: Japan
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