Kyosho crowd funding campaign cancelled

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I just got word today that the crowd funding campaign started by Kyosho to re-release the Turbo Optima wheels and low profile tires didn’t reach the set goal for the funding. The campaign ended just below 600.000 Yen, which is about 13% of the funding needed for the project, that also included some very sweet gold versions of the Turbo Optima wheels. It is still unknown just why Kyosho decided to go for crowd funding of these wheels and tires in the first place, as those are some of the more sought after parts for vintage Kyosho enthusiasts. Even more “mysterious” is the fact that the campaign was for Japan only, and enthusiasts around the world had to rely on Japanese friends or proxy services to be able to participate. Easier access to the campaign would most certainly have meant a much higher funding percentage.

Turbo Optima to be re-released in 2018

The original Turbo Optima, released in June 1986. In 2018, 32 years later, we will finally be able to buy one of the best looking buggies, once again.

There has been speculations through the day what this could mean for the much anticipated Turbo Optima re-release, with people suggesting this could mean anything from a nail in the coffin for the Turbo, to the Turbo being released with modern 2.2 wheels, like the Turbo Scorpion. I have been digging some more into this and have been able to get confirmation that THE TURBO OPTIMA IS INDEED SCHEDULED FOR RE-RELEASE. Just remember where you read it first, lol 🙂 It was also said that the 1.9″ Turbo Optima wheels and low profile tires most likely will be released with it. I’m not sure if this means it will be the combo included in the kit, or it will be offered as an option. I was also told there were no plans for making the gold wheel option available, although I argued they should consider it, as it would be a hit. If Kyosho follow their established pattern of re-releases (you can read more about that in this article), we should see the Turbo Optima being announced well before the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018, that will be held May 12th – 13th, alternatively at the All Japan Model and Hobby Show in September (like the Javelin). I strongly believe we’ll see it in May, though. Expect the official announcement around March 2018.

Please Take Notice

This is not a webshop, and beside what’s listed under the “FOR SALE” tab in the menu, nothing presented here is for sale, so please don’t ask. If I have anything I would like to sell, I’ll post it in the “FOR SALE” section.

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  1. I also find it strange that Kyosho chose to crowdfund this project, and am even more confused as to why there were <100 people that chose to participate. Either Kyosho marketed this campaign very badly, or the vintage scene in Japan is much different than I would expect. Disappointed either way.

    • I totally agree jory. The only explanation I have heard as to why they decided on a crowd funding campaign, is that Akira Kogawa made the decision himself, because he wanted people to have access to the wheels/tires before the Turbo Optima re-release. What this means for the Turbos re-re date is only speculation. It may actually mean they are planning to skip their usual March/April “window”, and wait until next September/October. But that seems strange as well. As I have said numerous times, Kyosho work in mysterious ways.

  2. I literally cannot wait for the Turbo Optima re-release. This buggy is an absolute dream of mine since ever. The elegance, modernity, aggressivity and a hint of scale realism, my heart literally stops every time I look at it.

        • If there is no announcement by the end of April, it may not be until the All Japan Hobby show in September. The only products I have heard confirmed for Shizuoka are the red and black Javelin cages….. could be new wheels too.

    • We’ll just have to wait 😉 Either we’ll have news on the Turbo Optima VERY soon, or it won’t be coming until the next “window”, which is +/- September.

  3. Would the rerelease be announced before or during Shizuoka exhibition? Or Are we going to get radio silence until September ?

    • They have always (up til now at least) announced the re-releases well before the shows. If we don’t hear anything in the next days/week, my guess is the next “window” around September. But who knows?

  4. Who knows? Maybe it’s the recent takeover and “turmoil” over at Kyosho that is to blame? We’ll just have to hope for September to come quickly….

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