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The Dyna Models owner, Mr. Takano.

UPDATED November 1st, 2018

Dyna Models was a RC car shop in Yokohama City in the 1980’s. Like any other LHS at that time, they sold kits, spares and hop-ups. But Dyna Models offered more than that. The owner, Mr. Takano, was a RC race driver himself, and in addition to hop ups from known manufacturers like CRP, RCH, Dirt Burners!, Parma etc. he also designed and produced his own line of hop-up parts for a selected range of models, and the Dyna Models buggies became very popular among racers in that part of Japan. I have not managed to uncover when the shop opened, nor when it closed it’s doors for the last time, but from the Dyna modified cars I have found pictures of, and adverts in Japanese magazines, I can with certainty say they at least existed between 1982 and 1986. I will soon get some more magazines from the late 80’s, and I’ll update if I find any newer ads.

A rare picture from inside the Dyna Models shop in Yokohama City. Just like in any other LHS it was always crowded with young kids. To the left you can see some wheels and wheel hubs in “Dyna Models” branded bags. You may know those as “Thorp”….

UPDATE: November 1st, 2018
I have finally found a picture that shows the outside of the “Dyna Models” shop, from back in the 80’s. This is the entrance to the shop itself, and in the back there were machinery for manufacturing of parts from various materials, like aluminum and fiberglass.

This is how the shop looked back in the 80’s.

UPDATE: November 1st, 2018
Another picture from inside of the shop. Mr. Takano himself is standing behind the counter, and who I believe is the Dyna Models top driver, Yoshiaki Fujita is standing to the right.

Mr. Takano behind the counter, and Yoshiaki Fujita to the right.

Here are a couple of ads from Japanese magazines.

In this ad from 1983 you can see some of the brands they were selling at the shop.


Another ad, this time from 1984,

The ads above, although in Japanese, tells the address of the shop, and with the help from my friend Shin san, I got that translated to 1-7-1 Mutsumi-cho, Minamu-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. After a little bit more research I believe I have found the building where the shop once existed. If anyone from Yokohama reads this and are familiar with the Dyna Models shop, I would be very happy if you could confirm that this indeed is the right building. Please use the comments function below, and it’s no problem if you write in Japanese. I’m sure my friend Shin san would help me translate.

This image from Google Maps Street View shows what I believe must be the building that once housed the Dyna Models shop.

UPDATE: November 1st, 2018
After finally finding a picture of the Dyna Models shop from back in the 80’s (see further up on the page), it seems I missed the actual building by a couple of blocks. This is the building that once housed “Dyna Models”:

The confirmed building that used to house “Dyna Models”.

UPDATE: November 1st, 2018
To the left (red cross) is the building I first thought to have housed “Dyna Models”, and the green check mark shows the actual building.

I missed the building by a couple of blocks.
A blurry picture of a Dyna Models flyer advertising for the “CRP Challenge”.

In the 1984 ad, they were calling out for new members to the Dyna Models Club, where Club members were offered a range of benefits, including testing of new custom Dyna Models parts.

Just like many other local hobby shops around the world, it seems like Dyna Models also arranged their own races. According to this flyer it seems like the races were called the “CRP Challenge”. I’m not really sure about that, as it could just be a coincidence that the CRP logo is placed right above the “Challenge”. As before, if anyone who knew the shop could comment on this, that would be cool!

Among the custom made hop-up parts Dyna Models and Mr. Takano designed and produced themselves, we find both fiberglass and aluminum parts. It also looks like they bought certain parts from larger manufacturers, and put hem in their own branded packs and bags. In the pictures below you can see some examples of various Dyna Models race buggies, with different setups and hop up parts. These are real Dyna Models racers from the early 80s.

A fully loaded Dyna Scorpion!

The fully loaded Dyna Scorpion is based on the Kyosho Scorpion and features Dyna made fiberglass chassis and top plate, as well as some aluminum front bulkheads. The front trailing arm axle also has some kind of aluminum “splicer barrel”. The function of this is to be able to adjust the width of the axle (that is cut in halves), thus being able to adjust the track of the front wheels. This part is also a “Dyna Models” custom part. You can read more about this particular car in my build article where I make an effort to recreate this beast.

The same Dyna Scorpion, without the body.

Another car that got the Dyna treatment was the AYK Sidewinder. This build also features custom fiberglass chassis and top plates, but unlike the Scorpion this Sidewinder also has the MIP gearbox and trailing arm kits. Just like with the Scorpion you can read more about the Dyna Sidewinder in this build article.

The Dyna Sidewinder may not look so fierce with the body on….

The Dyna Sidewinder has a Kyosho Tomahawk body, as well as a tiny Scorpion wing. There is a Christmas tree decal on the roof!

….but with the top off, it really is something special!

Tamiyas SRB line were popular cars, and there were a large number of Dyna modified SRB racing at the Japanese tracks back then. The mods done to the SRBs ranged from those “usual” CRP/RCH/Parma/MIP modified racers to those with the full Dyna treatment. Among the Dyna custom parts for the SRBs we’ll find a fiberglass chassis and top plate that very much resembles those for the Scorpion.

A Dyna modified SRB that was up for sale a while ago on the Japanese Yahoo auction site.

Like the Dyna Scorpion the Dyna SRB in the picture above uses the same wheels (Sold as Thorp in the US, but branded “Dyna Models” in Japan) and the same Parma Unser Buggy body. This particular Dyna SRB also has the MIP gearbox and rear trailing arms, just like the Dyna Sidewinder, but has a CRP “Butterfly” chassis instead of the custom Dyna chassis plates. The front end has RCH nylon towers and trailing arms, as well as aluminum RCH shock tower extenders. The shocks are unknown to me, though. The axles where the front trailing arm goes have some custom spacers and locks. I believe those also to be custom made “Dyna Models” parts. The Dyna SRB below looks a lot like the one above, only this one has the Parma shocks and the double decker Dyna chassis instead of the Butterfly.

This Dyna SRB looks a lot like the Dyna Scorpion, with its double-decker Dyna Models chassis.

Below are some more Dyna modified SRBs:

The pictures in this article are from various old Japanese magazines and books. Some I have scanned myself, and some are found on various Japanese blogs etc.

Please take notice

This is not a webshop, and beside what’s listed under the “FOR SALE” tab in the menu, nothing presented here is for sale, so please don’t ask. If I have anything I would like to sell, I’ll post it in the “FOR SALE” section.

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