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Hi there!

I just wanted to welcome you to my new website. For nearly 15 years I’ve been running the http://www.studio68.no/rc website, a project that was never meant to be as big as it ended up being. The main reason for that website was to keep track of my many projects and keep the information I (me, myself) needed handy. Things evolved during the years, and it eventually became too big to handle with the simple asp and html programming I had done to make that site. Updating the whole thing to modern web standards would be an impossible task, as there was no database behind it, just static pages and parts of pages, nested by asp.

So I have decided to lay that project to rest (but keep it there for now, for my own reference, at least) and start a new project based on WordPress. The new site will be more of a blog style, but with static pages for things like the motor spec charts and hop-up index. Eventually I will also move the document repository over to the new domain http://www.dirt-burners.com.

I will, little by little, move the most “important” articles, builds and other info over to the new site, and when that is done, I can hopefully close the old site for good.

Please feel free to comment on the articles and pages, as there are comments boxes enabled on every page.

If you feel like contributing to this website with build threads or other types of content, it’s always a possibility that I can add you as an author. Just ask!

In these facebook times, old fashioned forums are basically dead, as it’s much quicker and convenient to have discussions on the FB platform. I decided to include a forum here anyway, just in case someone wants to use it to ask questions, buy/sell/trade vintage parts etc. Use it if you like, or don’t. It’s up to you. I have only made 1 subforum that fits all. I might add a separate forum for vintage Kyoshos. The advantage this old school type of forums have over FB is that they are much easier to search, as FB posts seem to vanish into oblivion after a time.


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I have been into RC cars since the beginning of the 80's, but have really never been much of a racer. I competed in some local races and some "Tamiya Cups", and actually came 6th in the Tamiya Cup Norwegian Nationals in 1987. My main interest has always been building and modifying, and that's where I still am today. Through the years I have been able to build a solid network of contacts around the world, consisting of both former and current members of the industry, as well as quite a few of the former top drivers. I have a genuine interest for the history of the 1/10 scale off-road buggies from the 80's.

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